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The NBA (National Basketball Association), a global sports and media company, has three professional sports leagues, namely the American Professional Basketball Association (NBA), the American Professional Women´s Basketball Association (WNBA) and the NBA Development League Development League. Referred to as "US Basket". Is the world´s highest level of basketball league, one of the four major professional sports league. NBA was founded on June 6, 1946. Was founded BAA, that is, the Basketball Association (Basketball Association of America), 1949 BAA and NBL merged into the NBA. [1] 1976 ABA was annexed by American NBA. [1] The Alliance broadcast races and programs to 215 countries and regions in 47 languages, with 85 international players from 36 countries and regions working in the coalition. More than 60 million US families can watch NBA TV (NBA TV), the NBA is the social media on the most popular sports alliances, alliances, teams and players social media platform has more than 365 million concerns and fans.